This year there are 25 thousand individuals using Twitter, 750 thousand individuals using Face book and around a billion individuals using Search engines.What that means is that there are two billion individuals out there looking and using social networking and you have to determine what part of that pie is yours using Social Signals. But that is mainly through Search engines. So if you want to get an excellent SERP position, you have to determine which kinds of factors you can do to get a large number of social signals.

In order to better understand the role of social signals, there are certain questions that needed to be addressed. First is, “why and how it impacts the SEO rankings”. Another is “what are the steps that needed to be taken in order to improve this in your website.” The answer to the question on how this can impact the SEO rankings is highly debatable. It actually has a direct and indirect impact to search engine rankings. Direct impact happens as a result of the number of people that will “like” your brand on Face book. Another is the number of shares on your Facebook, as well as the number of followers you have on Twitter. The indirect impact happens when there is an increase on the inbound links and citations as a result of an improved online visibility as well as brand awareness. Another indirect impact is when there is a decrease on the bounce rate and more repeat visitors that will come to your site.

Social signals are among the most powerful signals when it comes to Internet Marketing. They will not only help to improve your SEO ranking in India, but in some instances, they also help to place your content right in front of the thousands of audiences which can somehow help to drive traffic towards your website. With this, you will have more followers and more shares in your social network sites.