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App Store Optimisation

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a very modern field of expertise in the digital marketing sector, as the app industry has never before swelled to such a size that companies can – and need to – leverage and use definitive marketing strategies to carry their product to the forefront.

We at Brandboyz use these marketing strategies to improve your submission, raise the popularity of your brand, multiply your download numbers and get you as close as possible to the top of your category.

ASO isn't quite an absolute science yet – but we are among the pioneers working tirelessly to decode every last possibility for applications in the SEO world.

app marketing
app marketing

ASO's target is almost always to download apps, but additional targets can include:

  • Increased exposure to the brand.
  • Reviews and ratings for the app are good.
  • Commitment by viewer.
  • Further diversification of the distribution platforms.

There are a range of different areas for optimization inside app stores, including Google Play and other sites for promotion of applications that can be targeted for updates, enhancement, and continuing optimisation.

Since 63 per cent of all device purchases are directly attributed to app stores, the importance of in-app store maximization can not be overestimated.

Although the functionality of the app store and the available fields differ, the key optimization elements you will need to concentrate on and develop are as follows :

App name, URL, and subtitle

Ensure that they represent the core keywords defining your product, and reinforce importance, distinction, and other perceived importance signals. It is critical that the highest value keywords and user search behavior represent those areas.

Apply keyword field(s)

These are imperative to get correct and update to display the current user search queries that change. In this to be optimised, conventional keyword research is needed.

User ratings and reviews

A key customer trust field and a ranking indicator for app stores. Size, freshness and all matter ranking. You will need to have a system in place to produce daily feedback as well as react to feedback and engage them.

App downloads

The higher the perceived hype, desire, and user interest associated with the app, the more downloads the app will get. Increasing download volumes would help increased popularity in the organic rating of the app store.

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