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Video SEO

How to engage the audience?

The motive is not to make a video that gets viral, drawing loads of organic traffic to the channel is. We provide you organic SEO video marketing services and YouTube optimization that brings organic results needed to grow a channel. You will get an experienced video marketing platform at your fingertips. Our experienced and goal-oriented professionals are experts in ranking numerous videos for competitive keywords on YouTube and google.

  • Video Proves Your Content's Value to Google
  • Maximize site traffic
  • Video Content Links are earned
  • Brand's Social Presence boosting
  • Brings more views and engagement
  • Improves Conversion Rate
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What difference will Brandboyz Video SEO Make?
  • Discover the rating of hundreds of popular keyword videos on Youtube and Google.
  • Get more views & connection from your videos.
  • Stand out by rating your videos at the top of YouTube search results.


Creating a good content is not enough you need to make it viral. And make sure that it’s seen by maximum number of people and remembered. Brandboyz is a digital media partner to help you stand out by rating your videos at the top of YouTube search results.

Increase Subscriber

The combination of an amazing content and social media sharing drives maximum traffic and engagement. More engagement = More visibility which results in increasing traffic.

More Views

well-researched keywords to the title and description as well as clever tags, would make the video more searchable and move up its ranking. The use of annotations and external connections will also drive additional video traffic.

More comments

Indulge your audience by reacting to all comments and responding to negative feedback. Promote conversations with your audience-requesting content suggestions, reviews and questions.

More likes

If you have created quality content that resonates with the viewer, that the scope of your video can give rise to likes. Use Youtube ads to promote content to a specific audience that is more likely to like or interact with video.

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