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Hotel Reputation Management

Hotel Reputation Management

Consider managing your image a priority in a world where everybody is a critic, where companies live or die by a star rating or an online review.

Management of hotel reputation is the task of tracking and controlling how your property is viewed on the internet. The definition originated in public relations, but focused on newly emerging review pages, social media network. The idea originated within the context of public relations but transferred its attention to newly emerging review sites, social media channels and search engines. Rarely every other sector is as weak as the hospitality industry, or influenced by the effects of reputation management. And, here at Brandboyz , Digital hotel reputation management is a fairly new idea for most hoteliers. The internet and shifts in consumer culture mean that online identity management now has to become a core part of the marketing plan. We understand the day-to-day stresses on hotel owners and managers so you need a simple, user-friendly approach to handle your reputation effectively.

  • Send automated feedback surveys
  • React to reviews – even the good ones
  • Using react templates
  • Be consistent with your scheduling strategies to respond regularly
  • Make proper use of your technical resources

Our Hotel Reputation Management services include

Remove Bad Corporate Reviews, Rip-off Reports, and Unfair Complaints.

Boosting Positive Web Content.

Improving search suggestions on search engines.

Building a positive online identity.

Defense against Defamation, Libel and Competitive Smear Campaigns.

Monitoring online reviews on social media sites like G+, Facebook, twitter.

Working on online rating.

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