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Press Release

Most official statement administrations will send your news to just a single appropriation arrange. We send it to two. Not exclusively will your discharge be sent to our very own hand chosen system of premium news and industry destinations, we'll additionally disperse your news through the PR Newswire organize. This system has been utilized by fortune 500 organizations for more than 60 years and is profoundly trusted by writers. To augment presentation, your official statement will be sent to different PR systems. Checkout a portion of the honors these systems have gotten.

Why Press Release?


You attain Media Coverage

A Press Release will be helpful when you announce a new product or feature from your business, it would be great to announce it and give proper information to others.


Enhance Brand’s Reputation

You could be re-launching your brand identity and want more people to inform about it. The press release would be an effective option to increase your brand’s reputation.


Be the first to speak

If things go wrong, breaking the story yourself first is always helpful. It would be nice to do things differently; press release might give you the chance to do things out of the box.


A cost-effective way to marketing

Regardless of the news reporting a well-written press release will help to draw media interest for your business.

A press release allows you to spread the word about your company, its operations, and its deals in an ethical, journalistic way that focuses on newsworthiness and branding over SEO, social media, or everything else. The fundamentals of who, when, where, why, and when implemented with ease (the five Ws).

Press releases are instruments of branding and reputation. They're a perfect way to get the word out about a company, product, or service, and market the company, product, or service more effectively.

Brandboyz lets you issue an entertaining press release that can do the following: create social signals, talk and share; return to a website specifically targeted and organic traffic, and create media interest abroad.

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