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Global SEO

What do you do when you find any international visitor on your website...?

Brandboyz uses some excellent strategies to draw international clients on your website by optimizing your content for a multitude of regions worldwide. Our experienced team helps you create content that will work for different region and language and optimize that content for each region search result page as a search result appear differently for Italians using google.it and south African’s using google.co.za.


How Brandboyz work

Research across the
  • Set global SEO goals.
  • Opportunity analysis.
  • Competitor analysis.
Get your website ready for
global SEO
  • Using hreflang in your URL’s
  • Language targeting
  • Location targeting
Hire SEO-schooled content translator and customer support.
  • Using Software for support.
  • Hire human support.
  • Offer written support or FAQ’s.
Built a robust backlinks
  • Keep your link destiny as you build out more pages.
  • Leveraging translators to get more links.
  • Use competitor's link sources and strategies.
Cultural shocks, Seasonal cycles, and local tradition
  • Holiday, sales seasonality and local buying cycles.
  • Beliefs, meanings, and behavior.

Measuring and managing success
and failures
  • Establish KPI’s
  • Interpret data scale your business.

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