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Web Analytics

Know Your Business

At Brandboyz, we get ready month to month Search Engine Ranking Reports that outlines all the activities for the customer and records the positioning and link popularity of your site. These reports help track the advancement of your site over some undefined time frame, so you can see with your own eyes how the improvement in rankings has prompted an expansion in traffic. You ought to have the option to gauge the Return on Investment (ROI) and our reports assist you with doing only that. We screen your site continually so you don't need to.

  • Get a summary of your ranking
  • Measure ROI regularly
  • Get your site monitored
  • Keep your site intact

Why Brandboyz for web Analytics.?

We enable you to accurately track and optimize the results of your online marketing campaign to plan and work.

Why web analytics is important...?

Our team will review your website data and help you improve your user experience while concentrating your attention on your most successful online marketing techniques..

How Web Analytics Work ?

Using the latest web analytics tools and approaches to provide you with the data you need to standardize and boost your internet marketing activities.

The Brandboyz difference….!!

Through experience of realistic analytics and monitoring practice, we can support you by answering and working on following question:

  • How much traffic is on your website?
  • How is the traffic going to get there?
  • How do people do when they're on your pages?
  • What are the keywords that carry the most traffic? Many of the conversions?
  • What's your PPC ROI? For organic optimisation?
  • Which of your campaigns is doing well? What ones are not?

We at Brandboyz provide Knowledge that can help you maximize income and unlock the full value of your website.

How we work…?

  • Identify and monitor key success measures and online marketing metrics
  • Objectively measure and track results of your campaigns
  • Understand why and how people interact with your content
  • Patch any leaks that deprive you of promotional leads and real sales leads.
  • Evaluate and refine your vital conversion paths.
  • Build user experiences that meet your visitors ' expectations to increase.
  • the average depth and duration of your visit.
  • Add value to your current SEO and SEM strategies.
  • Find ways to conquer your niche online and better serve your business.

Sample Web Analytics Data

Web analytics data is typically presented in dashboards that can be customized by user persona, date range, and other attributes. Data is broken down into categories, such as:

Audience Data
  • Number of visits, number of unique visitors
  • New vs. returning visitor ratio
  • What country they are from
  • What browser or device they are on (desktop vs. mobile)
Audience Behavior
  • Common landing pages, Common exit page
  • Frequently visited pages
  • Length of time spent per visit
  • Number of pages per visit, Bounce rate
Campaign Data
  • Which campaigns drove the most traffic
  • Which websites referred the most traffic
  • Which keyword searches resulted in a visit
  • Campaign medium breakdown, such as email vs. social media
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